Your opinion is of central importance to us

Certifications are an important yardstick for high-quality work. However, equally important to us is the direct feedback from our business partners. With this customer survey, we provide you with the possibility to quickly, clearly and easily evaluate your experience with our work. As a result, you provide us with an incentive to continually do our best and help us recognise where we might address the issues of our customers more specifically.

Everything can always be done better – therefore we are happy to receive praise, but also critical comments, because this is what provides us with important impulses to develop further.

Customer satisfaction / Quality Management – online survey

How satisfied are you with our work regarding the following points?

Assessment from 1 to 5: 1 being the best mark:

1. Performance ability
2. Reliability
3. Competence and friendliness of the employees
4. Service and consulting
5. Problem-solving
6. State of the equipment
7. Occupational safety