Sustainability with regard to Nature and the environment

For several years, we have voluntarily participated in the corporate environmental consultancy programme Ökoprofit (Eco-profit). External experts train and advise us on how company processes can be designed to be more environmentally friendly and more rational through organisational and technical measures.
Furthermore, regular participation in the environmental programme strengthens the awareness of our employees for the environment. We have been able to implement several environmental services and programmes in the past years.
Included in this, for example, is the exchange of our elderly heating and air conditioning system for a modern ecological one. The steam jets on our cleaning system work with a flow limiter. We carefully consider the use of hazardous substances. Should they be unavoidable, then the consumption of these is strictly controlled. We use energy-saving lamps throughout the entire company and work with recycled paper.
In our fleet, we also regularly replace old vehicles with more modern ones, and therefore achieve the continual optimisation of diesel consumption. Our new mobile construction cranes achieve excellent consumption values in driving mode. Thanks to the supply of on-site electricity, these provide a further large bonus with respect to their ecological balance sheet.
Besides our main location in Mainz, we operate further locations in Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt and in Ludwigshafen. This leads to an enormous reduction of long travel times to and from deployments, and of course, our customers also benefit from this.