Commitment at Darmstadt: 320-ton bridge brought in

320 t bridge replacement carried out especially efficiently.
Total required for the operation: 20 SPMT axle lines for 570 t total load Lifting system with lifting capacity of 500 tons
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10 gas engines for Mainz cogeneration unit

140t heavy generators in tandem lift.
Dimension engines: 13,12  m length x 3,30  m width x 4,28  m height
heaviest insertpart: 140 tons
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Chemical plant dismantled

Work on the dismantling, transportation and assembly of the Ticona chemical works. Plant relocation from the Kelsterbach site to the Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt.

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Replacement of a column

Main body: 140t, loading condition 148t with 44m working radius, required hook height: 76 m, Equipment: Crawler crane CC 3800, LTM 1500-8.1, LTM 1200-5.1 and 14 SPMT axle lines with spacer

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Generator transportation

The transportation of two generators into a power plant on the South Pacific island of Bora Bora requires excellent planning and coordination in advance.

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Cement works dismantled

Dismantling of a cement works for later reconstruction. Load dimensions
Equipment: LG 1550, LTM 1500, LTM 1080, LTM 1120
Heaviest deployment section: 80 t
Dimensions: max. 6 x 18 m

Generator for a power plant

Difficult spatial conditions and a 138 tonne generator require planning creativity and a disciplined RIGA team.

Transportation + assembly of a swing bridge

Transportation and subsequent positioning of a steel bridge onto the 20 cm dimensioned kingpin.

Equipment: 2x 6-axle SPMT modules, LTM 1500-8.1 Heaviest deployment section: 50 t
Dimensions: 37,4 x 4,65 m