Chemical plant dismantled

Start of one of the largest construction projects for the European chemical branch in 2006

Works relocation of a plastics manufacturer to the Industriepark Höchst

The increasing volume of traffic at Frankfurt airport made the construction of a new runway necessary, which was then put into operation in 2011. This also had consequences outside the airport premises: The plant of the plastics manufacturer Ticona in Kelsterbach was simply in the way of the project; it would not have been possible to fly over this at a safe height, and therefore a relocation was unavoidable.

The airport operator Fraport, the main shareholder of which is the State of Hesse, paid Ticona around EUR 670 million for this “move”. The area of the Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt was decided upon as a new location. The ideal location on the Main was certainly an important factor for the decision to create the new works in the Industriepark Höchst. Furthermore, a complete infrastructure for steam and energy supply was already available here, whereas in Kelsterbach the plant was still self-supporting. Amongst other things, the new construction therefore required only a third of the area compared to the old works.

The selection of the location already proved to be advantageous during the construction of the new works. Large system parts could be delivered by barge on inland waterways, attached using cranes and transported via short routes directly to the construction site. The preparation and the construction of the new works took three years. It was one of the largest construction projects for  the European chemical branch in the past ten years and a long-term project for RIGA MAINZ and the RIGA BAUMANN group of companies.
In summer/autumn 2011, the time had come to “pack the bags” at the old works: Although a large proportion of the old plant was scrapped, there were many elements which, after dismantling, were placed in intermediate storage and then integrated into the new plant or retained as spare parts.

Ticona plant dismantled.

With numerous crane and transportation deployments, a large number of containers, columns, heat exchangers and in part their associated steel constructions were dismantled and transported away. One of the greatest challenges here was the coordination of the cranes in the often extremely restricted area.

What remained of the industrial plant after the end of production has been dismantled since June 2011, and this work should be completed by 2013. The area in Kelsterbach will be used in future by the airport operator Fraport as a business park.