Replacement of a column

Replacement of a column at Industriepark Höchst, Frankfurt am Main

Professional preparation and a reliable, committed team are the keys to success and the way to guarantee satisfied customers.

We were required to dismantle an old column and replace it with a new one in an extremely tight time frame. Dimensions of the new column: length 60m x 6m Ø, weight 140t
Before starting work, there were 3 challenges for which we had to find safe solutions:
1.    The old column was no longer stable enough to be removed in one piece.
2.    There was no adequate parking area for the large crane; a slope had to be stabilized.
3.    We had to find a solution to lift the entire vapor pipe in one piece without causing it to malfunction.

Transporting the column – with its 60m entire length, 6m width and 8.11m height – around 90° bends in some areas and between buildings was a small challenge in comparison.

In order to find a safe solution for the 3 significant challenges, it was essential to draw upon our wide range of experience and other projects, to call in a reliable engineering office to prepare a geological report including a solution regarding the crane positioning, and to develop a plan to guarantee safe implementation under all circumstances.

The old column was then dismantled in two parts and the new column was installed in one piece.
The photos demonstrate the confined space conditions on site.

We would like to seize this opportunity to thank our customer, who involved us in the project from an early stage, something which allowed us to plan the project together in great detail. The Celanese Engineering department expressed its gratitude for the reliable and safe execution of the project.

HSEQ – results: “Zero” – best rating.