Spectacular night work

Good planning pays off.

dimensions: lenght: 50 m
Weight of the steel bridge: 418 tons
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Historic bridge lift in Frankfurt

Good planning and cooperation of all parties allows historical bridge to float to the ground without any problems.

dimensions: lenght: 18 m
heaviest piece: 90,4 tons
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Simultaneous Teamwork

Construction sites the A 63 traffic junction - Mainzer Ring goes into the next round thanks to a temporary bridge set up quickly.

dimension: width 8,05 m, length 64,10 m, heigth 5,45 m
heaviest insert part: 245 tons
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LTM 1750-9.1 at the Mainzer Dom (Mainz Cathedral)

Dismantling and re-assembly of the double section sandstone steeple at the West Tower of the Mainzer Dom.

Heaviest deployment section: 14 Tonnes
Equipment: 49,1 m Main boom+ 59,5 m lattice jib
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Frankfurter Commerzbank Arena

For once, loads of the heaviest kind were not the main concern here, but instead one hundred percent reliability in compliance with the time schedule...

Equipment: LTM 1095, AC 140, LTM 1160, 2x LTM 1070
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LR 1600/2 bridge construction in Wiesbaden

The renewal of a bridge construction using a tandem lift within the scope of one of the biggest railway construction site and infrastructure projects in the Rhine-Main area.

Heaviest deployment section:480 Tonnes
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LR 1600/2 railway bridge Bad Wimpfen

The lifting in of a 400 tonne and 40 metre long railway bridge section into its final position under extremely restricted spatial conditions.

Equipment: LR 1600/2, 565 t Ballast, SPMTs with 10 axle lines of each
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Replacement of cooling elements in chemical works

An LR1600/2 with ballast trailer exchanged 36 cooling elements, each with a surface area of 140  m2, within a narrow time window.

Greatest load condition: 45 t at 106  m outreach and a hook height of approx. 90  m
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Wind energy plants

With the LTM 1750-9.1 gaining in popularity during the energy system revolution.

Equipment: LTM 1750-9.1, telescopic booms: 52 m, maximum lifting heights: 154 m, maximum outreach: 112 m

Demontage von Klimaelementen

Dismantling of climatic elements using the MK 88 in one-man operation, in under a day. The heaviest single section for this operation had a weight of 0.8 t.
 LTM 1130-5.1

Maserati Ghibli on the balcony

Presentation of the new Maserati Ghibli in Frankfurt am Main on the balcony of the Frankfurt Opera House.

Load: EUR 160,000 sports car with 410 PS
Equipment: LTM 1130-5.1

Brueckensegment abgehoben

Lifting off bridge segments

Pedestrian bridge in Bischofsheim dismantled. LR 1600/2 stands on steel supports which had been placed on 14 concrete piles for the purpose.

Load conditions: 56 t at an outreach of 29.9 m, 53 t / 65,3 m and 35 t / 101 m