Replacement of cooling elements in chemical works

LR 1600/2

Replacement of cooling elements at INEOS in Cologne-Worringen

For this operation in Cologne-Worringen, several customer requests first had to be examined, and these of course then implemented. During a large plant shutdown in 2013, 36 cooling elements, each with a surface area of 140  m2, had to be exchanged within a narrow time window. The pre-assembly area, located next to the plant occupied 5,000  m2 alone. The main task was to position the crane outside the plant so as not to hinder other trades. The load paths should not lead over people, and not more than necessary over the existing plant. Intermediate transportation of the cooling elements was to be waived in order not to place strain on the elements. Finally, after detailed surveying of the situation, a position was found by us which fulfilled all customer wishes.
Now the complete technology of the new LR 1600-2 with ballast trailer was demanded in order to master this challenge, in particular the tight time frame. The cooler segments had to be picked up according to plan at a max. radius of 106  m, then turned at the smallest possible crane radius along a street in assembly direction, and then projected out again to an outreach of 103.9 m. The greatest loading condition was 45  t at 106 m outreach and a hook height of approx. 90  m.
Those not yet familiar with the ballast trailer are probably asking themselves what advantages it brings. A ballast trailer only makes sense if the operation runs over a longer period of time or if many lifts have to be conducted in succession. With the ballast trailer, the crane is capable of increasing the lifting sequence up to 500  %, which can dramatically reduce the crane costs compared to that of a conventional system. The load-bearing capacity of the crane is covered 100  % from the smallest radius to the max. outreach, which otherwise is not technically possible without increasing and decreasing the ballast of the counterweight plates. No auxiliary crane is required for the task.