Historic bridge lift in Frankfurt

Historic bridge lift in Frankfurt

Good Planning and cooperation of all parties allows historical bridge to float to the ground without any problems

At the beginning of October 2016, RIGA was able to demonstrate in Frankfurt am Main what the LR 1600/2 crawler crane can achieve in conjunction with the modular spreader traverse system developed by us.

The historic "Schwedlerbrücke", a steel construction more than 100 years old, is an important pedestrian connection from the Ostpark to the eastern harbour and traverses much frequented railway tracks from "Deutsche Bahn". The landmarked building was in a state in need of restoration and had to be dismantled urgently as there was a danger to the trains running underneath due to falling parts.

For this task, the LR 1600/2 was equipped with a 114 m main mast and a 36 m derrick boom, a total of 565 t ballast on ballast wagons kept the whole thing in balance. The crane site, which was partly on concreted surfaces and partly on tracks, had to be prepared in such a way that the it could also be moved under load. In one night from Sunday to Monday the big moment had come at 10pm: The tracks were closed and the overhead lines disconnected. The first part of the bridge, which was furthest away, was attached, lifted and placed directly next to its old position. The second segment was similar in weight and dimensions, but not identical. Thanks to the modular design, our truss system could be adapted very quickly.

The highlight of this night was the lift of the third and heaviest part of the bridge. This was one of the four characteristic arches of the "Schwedlerbrücke", weighing 72.5 t and 45 m long. When this segment was put down at the designated place, only 12 hours had passed. By using a ballast truck, a significant time advantage could be worked out. Throughout ballasting by derrick ballast was completely eliminated. Thus the team was clearly ahead of the scheduled time. After all the old hinged columns could be lifted additionally - quite small and light parts, for which actually an additional small crane was intended. The closure of the important railway line for another night was thus saved for "Deutsche Bahn".

After this project, which went optimally thanks to the good cooperation of all parties, the damage to the arch of the bridge is now being checked and what restoration work should look like. It is planned that in 2018 the Frankfurters will be able to re-enter their completely renewed bridge.

Lift of five bridge sections > PLACE OF USE: Frankfurt am main > EQUIPMENT: LR 1600/2 with 114 m SL main boom, 36 M derrick boom, 65 t central ballast. 150 t turntable ballast and 350 t derrick ballast incl. ballast truck, load carrying equipment: own load spreading system, 300 t spreader, length 18 m + 2 x 50 t load spreaders, length 3.0 m. > The heaviest single part: 90.4 t, with an outreach of 31.8 m. Outreach: 103.6 m at 36.6 t