Frankfurter Commerzbank Arena

Large stage for U2

RIGA’s appearance at the Commerzbank Arena

For once, the heaviest loads were not the main concern here, but instead one hundred percent reliability in the compliance with the time schedule: The Marek Lieberberg concert agency had brought U2 to Frankfurt, and with the band came the gigantic stage construction of the 360° Tour, which was to be set up in the stadium. For such a precisely-timed, huge event any delay is fatal – you really can’t keep 50,000 spectators and perhaps the greatest band in the world waiting!

Five cranes worked for five days on the stage setup; 2x LTM 1070, 1x LTM 1095, 1x AC 140 and 1x LTM 1160 were in operation. Four corner towers were erected on a supporting structure, on which the central stage section with the loudspeaker system and the huge panorama video screen could be raised to a height of 45 m. In keeping with the name of the tour, the audience therefore had an optimum view of the stage, the band and the amazing video show from all positions.

As expected, the audience was enraptured by this globally unique spectacle – for the Riga team, however, the work already began again one hour after the last encore: On that same night, the dismantling of the stage commenced, as two days later it had to be used again in Hannover.