Simultaneous Teamwork

Simultaneous Teamwork

Construction sites the A 63 traffic junction - Mainzer Ring goes into the next round thanks to a temporary bridge set up quickly.

On the A60 at "Mainz-Süd"about 100,000 vehicles are crossing the motorway junction very day, at the A63 it is up to 80,000 vehicles. According to the "Landesbetrieb Mobilität" (LBM), the reconstruction of the existing structural damage dating from 1965 is uneconomical due to the extent of the existing structural damage. Two new bridges with a width of 32 meters and a length of 95.5 meters will be built here by 2020. We were out on-the-spot in October to raise a temporary bridge for the construction period.We picked up the individual bridge sections in the federal bridge construction yard in Gau-Bickelheim and transported them to the autobahn junction in Mainz. 

During the following two weeks, the individual bridge sections were assembled on the pre-assembly site next to the motorway. One of our 70 t telescopic cranes supported this undertaking. In order to ensure that SPMT vehicles could pick up the parts later without any problems, this was done directly on the set-down boxes. In order to lift the fully assembled makeshift bridge to its destination, a weekend closure of the A63 in both directions from Friday evening was unavoidable. After removing the central guardrails and attaching the central strip for transporting the bridge to the assembly site, our LTM 1500-8.1 with 165 t ballast and mast guying was erected early Saturday morning directly on the motorway. The LTM 1750-8.1 with 204 t ballast and mast guying was positioned next to the autobahn on the construction site and was loaded and unloaded before and after the closure break in order to keep the closure periods as short as possible. On Saturday morning, the 63.5 m long, 7.70 m wide and 5.20 m high autobahn bridge with a 2 10-axle SPMT vehicles are transported from the pre-assembly site to the motorway and positioned there. The two cranes lifted the bridge together in tandem to its final position.

 After completing the dismantling of the 1500-8.1, we were able to move the deployment site after 13 hours back to our client.


Location: Kreuz Mainz Süd > EQUIPMENT: LTM 1500-8.1 telescope hitched 36.9 m, 165 t ballast, LTM 1750-8.1 telescope hitched 38.2 m, 204 t ballast > heaviest single part: 245 t > dimensions: 64.10 x 8.05 x 5.45 m (L x W x H) description of use: lifting a temporary bridge at the motorway interchange