Quick and Manoeuverable

Everything in view at all times when exchanging a ring shot in a cement plant.

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Bringing in a demonstrator

Transportation of a highly-sensitive measurement device to the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) (KIT) within the scope of the tritium neutrino experiment KATRIN.
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Einbringen eines Doortrainers im Condor Trainingszentrum

Im Condor Trainingszentrum nahe dem Flughafengelände Frankfurt ist es möglich, Flugzeugbesatzungen unter realistischen Bedingungen in Simulatoren – sogenannten „Mockups“ – der Flugzeugtypen Airbus A320/321 und Boeing 767 zu trainieren.
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Assembly of a test bench

Loading of an automobile test bench following delivery to intermediate storage. Later transportation to the final location and setup by the RIGA assembly team.

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Assembly of a compressor system

Reusable removal of a compressor system in work accurate to the millimetre, and subsequent relocation without hindering the running operation of the factory.

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Assembly of mock-up simulator

Installation of two 10 and 8 tonne mock-up simulators for the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 767 at the Condor training centre in Frankfurt.

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Lifting gas turbines and generators

Maximum care and precision during the positioning of the turbines onto prepared foundations.

Equipment: LTM 1500 / LTM 1350 / AC 60 / LTM 1200
Heaviest deployment section: 73 t
Dimension : 1,6 m x 4,9 m x 3,5 m (BHT)
Demontage an geöffneter Glasfassade

Dismantling + loading an electric motor

Dismantling and loading of a defective electric motor on an opened glass facade.

Equipment: 16 t Ladekran / Montage-LKW
Heaviest deployment section: 5 t
Dimensions: 6,50 m x 1,50 m x 2,15 m (LWH)
Umrüstung einer Kältezentrale

Conversion of a cooling plant

Following the setup of two auxiliary constructions, first a concrete plinth which was proving an obstacle had to be bridged using bongossi mats. After the installation of an access ramp, the machine parts could then be brought in.

Total weight: 5,6 t
CO2 -Drucktank

Bringing in and setting up a CO2 pressure tank

Bringing in and setting up a CO2 pressure tank on the works premises of an industrial gas producer.

Access clearance height : 3,35 m
Equipment: AC 30 und AC 40
Generator für Kraftwerk

Generator for power plant

Difficult spatial conditions and a 138 t generator require planning creativity and a disciplined RIGA team

Loading: 138 t Generator 8,3 m x 4 m x 3,26 m
Equipment: 6-axis SPMTs, 200 t + 250 t telescopic crane