Assembly of a compressor system

Machine relocations

Special cement machine demands millimetre-precise work from the RIGA team
At Dyckerhoff Zement (cement) in Amöneburg, a 60 tonne compressor system installed in a container had to be removed at short notice, leaving it suitable for reuse, and relocated with a minimum of effort.

The compressor system was installed in the special cement mixing plant in such a way that this could not be lifted out using a telescopic truck-mounted crane. As a result, the media supply located between the compressor system and silo filling system was dismantled, the air intake duct located on the roof of the container retained by means of chain hoists on the steel construction and the container shifted laterally onto a heavy-duty load trailer before it was subsequently moved in-house. These measures could  be implemented within such a short time period that no hindrance to operations occurred.