Assembly of mock-up simulator

Safety first

Mock-ups for simulation and training
How does a stewardess know how to react in case of a serious incident? Where does she learn to handle emergency situations on board, although she is not yet allowed to go on board the machine as a stewardess? The answer lies here: In the education and training centre of Condor.

In order to create practice situations as realistically as possible, the airlines have so-called mock-ups of the most common aircraft types. A mock-up for an A320 and a Boeing 767 have been installed in the training centre in Frankfurt. Delivered as heavy-duty transport, the two 10 and 8 t simulators were lifted by our assembly team and positioned onto their shunting pedestal fabricated especially for this purpose. With the help of heavy-duty rollers, the aircraft models could be pushed into their final positions on the stands in the pre-opened building.

Several metres had to be bridged between the deposit position and the permanently installed pedestal using steel supports and deposit supports.

Condor > LOCATION: Frankfurt am Main > EQUIPMENT: Loading crane > HEAVIEST INDIVIDUAL PART: 10 T > DIMENSIONS: 8.72 M X 5.03 M X 3.34 M / 9.30 m x 3.20 m x 2.89 m (LWH) > OPERATION DESCRIPTION: Loading and assembly of aircraft mock-ups in the Condor training centre.


Condor > Einsatzort: Frankfurt am Main > Equipment: Ladekran > Schwerstes Einzelteil: 10 t > Abmessungen: 8,72 m x 5,03 m x 3,34 m / 9,30 m x 3,20 m x 2,89 m (LBH) > Einsatzbeschreibung: Verladen und Montage von Flugzeug-MockUps in das Schulungszentrum von Condor.