560 tons heat exchanger from Deggendorf to Ludwishafen

Transport of a heat exchanger from the manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions SE to BASF SE in Ludwigshafen.

dimensions: 40,60 m length, 5,30 Diameter
heaviest insert part: 560 tons
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SPMT-slalom with a suportring

Modernisation of a converter.

dimensions: 14,69 m x 10,30 m x 3,30 m
heaviest insert part: 190 tons
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400 tons on the water

SPMT-transport of a reactor in Cologne.

dimension: width 3,85 m, length 32 m
heaviest insert part: 273 tons
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Bridge transportation

Loading of five bridge sections of the new Rethe bascule bridge for the Port of Hamburg onto two heavy-duty load pontoons in Wilhelmshaven.

Heaviest component: 70,14 m-long bridge sections each weighing 660 t
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Moving a generator nacelle

Transportation of a generator nacelle for a BARD offshore wind energy plant in the North Sea on a pontoon in the Port of Jarssum in Emden.

Total weight of the load: 314 t
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Spectrometer tank for research centre

Transportation of a 200 t spectrometer tank for the most precise scales in the world.

Load dimensions: 24 m length, 10 m diameter
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Offshore Fundament

Loading offshore foundations

With an SPMT with a total of 30 axles, the offshore foundation was manoeuvred at four kilometres per hour into Cuxport, where it was then loaded onto floating heavy-duty load pontoons.

Total weight of the load: 490 t

Transportation through a tunnel pipe

Transportation of a 48 m long, 12 m wide and 8 m high supply trailer for a tunnel drilling machine through an already-completed 5.5 km long tunnel pipe.

Total weight of the load: 420 t

Transportation of a bridge with assembly

Transportation of a 37.4 m long bridge element via a 2.5 km long transport route by means of two 6-axle SPMT modules with turntable, and subsequent loading onto a pontoon using an LTM 1500-8.1.