560 tons heat exchanger from Deggendorf to Ludwishafen

560 tons heat exchanger from Deggendorf to Ludwishafen 

Transport of a heat exchanger from the manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions SE to BASF SE in Ludwigshafen

After checking different variants that are possible to cross the Donau, Main and Rhein, the route from Deggendorf to Ludwigshafen via Rotterdam was chosen after weighing up safety and commercial aspects. The direct route with the use of a pontoon from Deggendorf to Ludwigshafen was impossible thanks the transport height.


The heat exchanger was loaded with MAN's own cranes in Deggendorf onto a barge, which took the direct route to Rotterdam. InRotterdam arrived, the heat exchanger was transferred with two floating cranes directly to the prepared SPMTs, which were already waiting on a pontoon with our team. Only a few days later, RIGA MAINZ was able to transport the heat exchanger to BASF by road in a RoRo operation via the Natorampe in Ludwigshafen.


On the route between the Natorampe and the factory gate, several hurdles still had to be passed. A bridge that was too low was raised using crane technology to achieve the necessary clearance height and an underpass had to be supported. Other traffic-directing measures were then only a minor matter.


The heat exchanger could be moved along the entire transport route on time and without any problems. This is of course a matter of course for our claim, but it required extremely detailed planning taking into account the total weight of 686 t including SPMT.


At this point we would like to thank our customer BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, the authorities, the police and especially our employees for their extremely professional cooperation.


BASF SE in Ludwigshafen > PLACE OF USE: Ludwigshafen > EQUIPMENT: 2 x floating cranes, transports 14 axles SPMT  > HIGHEST INDIVIDUAL PART: 560 t > DIMENSIONS: 40,60 m length, 5,30 Diameter > DESCRIPTION OF APPLICATION: Transport of a MAN heat exchanger