Moving a generator nacelle

Dyke journey with 314 t - RIGA BAUMANN in Emden

Transportation of the first generator nacelle for the new BARD offshore wind energy plant

In October 2007, RIGA BAUMANN realised a further project in the field of wind power. The CAD planning for this SPMT transportation had already begun in March 2007, and was then implemented by the RIGA BAUMANN team. At BARD in Emden, a 280 t nacelle for a test wind turbine was to be loaded onto a pontoon. Thanks to exact planning, the team started already ahead of schedule at 4 a.m. with the transportation of the load totalling approx. 314 t. After loading onto the two SPMTs coupled in parallel with respectively 20 axles, the load was loaded exactly to the millimetre onto the pontoon ready and waiting at the Port of Jarssum in Emden by the man at the joystick. After this first hurdle, the transport then went through the large sea lock towards Emden-Knock/Rysumer Nacken. The first of two prototypes of the BARD-VM offshore wind power plant is currently being created there. The first test wind turbine with a hub height of 90 m and a nominal output of five megawatts is soon to be put into operation on the already completed foundations.